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St. Xaviers School is a relatively new name in the city of Gorakhpur, but has its roots embedded in its innovative associations with superior quality education. The brainchild of the Chairman Mr. Rakesh Kumar, this novel idea traces its inception to the year 2008, brought about by the fundamental need for the introduction of an idyllic system of knowledge, to tap the potential of the budding scholars of Gorakhpur.

Though in the recent years, there ha sbeen a sudden influx of schools of various calibers in our town, but their efficacy can be gauded by the simultaneous upsurge in the number of coaching institute, mushrooming in every nook and corner of Gorakhpur. The parents till now had little choice, but to bear the double their wards on the path of success. However, with the establishment of ST. XAVIER'S SCHOOL, we assure you an education system that is parent-parent- friendly and result oriented.

Through our various features, special programmes and learning slabs, enumerated in the following pages, it would be easy to visualize our dream of giving the world, well nurtured and taught individuals, who shall create landmarks in whatever field they opt. for.

From The Principal’s Desk Dear ,

In this era of competition it has become very difficult for a student to succeed. Through it sounds challenging but not impossible, all they need is a right guidance and appropriate education. some times even an intelligent student incapable of achieving the goal.

Now parents are not able to devote time to their children's upliftment and studies. Apart from school parents take help of tuition and coachings which is very time consuming and expensive.

All this has created the need for a self sufficient school which can give them a proper education and show them a right path so that it can help them in the overall development, so that they can get success in today's competitive world and stand different from the rest.

Dr. Vandana Tiwari
Principal, St. Xaviers School

Our Chairman St. Xaviers School

At St. Xavier's School, we are making a sincere effort to provide the students at holistic educational experience. St. Xavier's School and it is indeed, a temple of knowledge. While we establish the foundation of your child's learning and ascertain his throuh development to enhance his present, we also undertake to prepare him for the highly competitive arena or further studies for his bright future.....

Mr.Rakesh Kumar
Chairman St. Xavier’s School

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